Bar / Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

The Mitzvah is just that - a celebration. Pride, accomplishment, and the family getting together like no other celebration. 

A video recording is always at the top of the list. Get it done right, so you and future generations can enjoy this priceless keepsake.

My best advice is be realistic about your budget, and see the DELIVERED work of the videographer who will be shooting your event.  We all have individual styles, work ethic, and philosophies about what is important in the recorded images. You want to make certain that philosophy and style matches your expectations. 

The bottom line is - do you like what you see,  and how does it make you feel? Ask the company if you will receive the same videographer and editor that worked on the video you are viewing. Make sure to view a full-length video, not just a sample before reserving your day.

View the excerpts of a ceremony and reception here. This will give you a good sense of my style.

Contact me, so we can discuss all the important details of your celebration, helping you to create a great keepsake.

Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony
Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony and Reception