Theater Production and Dance Recital Videos

As a dance school owner/director, or a stage and theater show producer, you know it's a full time job teaching and training your students.  You and your students work hard all year preparing for the big production.


You also want a professional video recording of your show, and you want it done right. After all, the video is some of your best advertising - it's a great showcase of your students, your school, and you. Students and parents LOVE to watch these videos over and over. It's also a great way to gain new customers, as your students watch with their friends.


The video is also a perfect way to get your repeat customers coming back to register for the new school year.  They can come in to pick up their video, and register at the same time! 

With over 25 years of videotaping theater events and dance recitals, we understand how to produce a video program that creates a beautiful keepsake for your customers, and makes the school look great as well. 

The videos samples are introductions created for the final video, and it gives you a feel for my work.  Contact me to discuss the details of your program, and I will create a customized proposal. 

Please me as early as possible in the school year, as recital and show season gets very busy and reserved. For a quick check of my schedule, text me your information to 949-795-1610.


Full - Length  Theater Production

Full - Length  Theater Production

Full - Length  Theater Production

Full-Length Dance Recital and Precap

Precap for Dance Recital

Precap - Dance Recital

Precap - Dance Recital

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