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Graduations, Proms, and 
Other School Events

Graduation day, prom, homecoming - all events of celebration and accomplishment. They are moments in time that are shared with many others - educators, administrators, fellow students, friends and family who, in their own serendipitous way, joined with you in the journey. What makes it special is it can never happen again in the same way. 


Whether it's grade school, high school, or a school of higher education, recordings of these moments become a natural keepsake of that unique time period -  that will grow more valuable as the years progress. 

We are experts in recording these moments. With 30 year of experience, we understand what makes an endearing keepsake. We believe in creating maximum screen time for each student, so in years to come they can look back fondly at their memories, and express thanks that their school was thoughtful in providing the program.  A video recording provides the sights and sounds of an era that the yearbook alone just can't provide. 


We work directly with the school, and administrators in charge of activities, to create a program that will be received by all graduates. Contact me to discuss a program that will benefit your graduates, and your school. Let's talk as early in the school year as possible to work out a proposal and reserve coverage dates. Your graduates will thank you in years to come.


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Law School Graduation 2021

Law School Graduation 2020

Law School Graduation 2018

High School Graduation Precap

High School Graduation Precap

High School Graduation Precap

High School Graduation Precap

Japanese High School Entrance Ceremony 2008

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