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Weddings are a natural for video recording, and having a professional record of your amazing reunion of family and friends should be on top of your list.

 I'm sure you've heard  how the day will become a blur, and with so much happening at once, you will inevitably miss so much. That's the beauty of video recording done right. Photographs are great, but life doesn't happen as a bunch of still pictures. 

Here is a short list of advice I can give you, from my years of experience, when shopping and considering the investment in your wedding video:

  •  Don't rely on your friend's mobile phone videos. You want them to enjoy the moment without having their eyes glued to a phone screen. Leave the wedding video responsibility to us, not to your guests.

  • Make certain a wedding video is near the top of your budget list. I'm not saying that because that's what I do. Think about it - after the day is over, what do you have besides what you remember? Photographs and the video. Photographs can't capture the sound of your vows, the toasts, music, Aunt Tilly's famous jig, Grandma's well-wishes. Don't overspend on any one element of your wedding that now compromises your chance to hire a good videographer.  I can't tell you how many couples I've run into months and years later that told me one of three things - 1. I am SO glad we decided to have you shoot our wedding video. 2.  We're so sorry we didn't hire you to shoot our video. You can't go back and re-do it, so be number one.

  • Make sure "what you see is what you get" in a sample video. Optimally, you should see a full-length video from an actual wedding. Make certain the same people shooting and editing the video you like will be working for you.  Everyone in this business brings their own individual style, personality, vision, and talent to your project. This being the case, you can't really compare "apples with apples." You want to make sure the video company's vision aligns with yours. 


The first video below is a perfect example of my style of videography. Grandmother arrives at the ceremony site and sees her granddaughter in her wedding gown for the first time. I caught her entrance, and decided to stay on her, to see how she would react. It is also a perfect example of why you need a professional videographer. A priceless moment you certainly would have missed as the bride.

Contact me, so we can discuss all the important details of your wedding, helping you to create a great keepsake.

Grandma's emotional moment at granddaughter's wedding

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