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Memorial Slide Shows

We know you probably need a finished program, and fast. This is a service in which we can help you from anywhere in the country.  Everything, except providing physical DVD's for playback, is done over the internet.  If you are near Orange County, California, you can come down to our office to pick up your discs. Otherwise, we will mail finished DVD's directly to you in time for your memorial service.

Although you may be able to put something together yourself, you may be too busy leading up to the memorial service to complete it. A professional video production can provide a beautiful commemorative to enhance your service, as well as a wonderful keepsake.


Even if you hire us to do it, we need your help to collect the photos, and organize them for the project. We want to make this as easy as possible for your. We understand that this is something that needs to be created relatively quickly, but done tastefully and elegantly.

Before you even contact me, you can already start working on the video. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  1. Watch the video examples I provided.  This format keeps the viewer's attention on the beauty of the photographs. We think "simple" works - gentle fades- keeping the attention on the images.

  2. Start collecting photographs that show your loved one's life journey chronologically. Scan, photograph the pictures, or have them digitized into a JPG format. Collaborate with family members if that will help to find the best photographs. 

  3. You want to keep the video run time between 8 - 10 minutes. This will be be the equivalent of 120 - 150 photos.

  4. Include music that relates with the person. Maybe their favorite songs. You will need two to three songs.


Our fee depends on the number of photographs, including additional elements such as video, music, and titles.  The project will run $5.00/photo, plus any additional work necessary for completion (i.e. I scan the photos, addition of video, DVD and/or thumb drive media). Just check with me for details.


We will do the following as part of the project.

  1. Create an online collaborative folder for you to upload your digitized photographs. Number each photograph in the order you want them to appear.

  2. Create the completed program, and upload it for your review for any changes and approval. 

  3. Create a DVD and / or a file that you can transfer to your computer, or upload to your own archives.

  4. We crop, color correct, and resize each image as necessary for the final video. We also give you a folder of these "corrected" photographs that you can have for your own archive. 


For fastest response, text me your information to 949-795-1610, or contact me by email or Facebook messenger.


Thank you! We'll get back to you shortly.

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