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Digital Media

Transfers And Conversions

Go get your box of movie films and videotapes and let's get this done!

Every year, you promise the family you will get all of the old 8mm movies, VHS cassettes and DV tapes transferred to a digital format. Well, let's get going!


I want to help you get this project of your "winter project" to-do list.  Let's get this done together.

Follow these steps:

1. Organize - Start collecting what you have. The 8mm films, the VHS tape, the DV tapes, audio cassettes, slides, prints, negatives.

2.  Write it down - Start making an outline of the media. Number each film reel or cassette. Write the corresponding number, title of event (with the date) as you would want it displayed,  and approximate length of  the footage on your paper or Word page. Do this for everything you want to submit. 

3. Contact me - Send me an email, with that list of media that you created. I will send you a cost break down, and my recommendation for digital media. The more work you put in up-front to organize your media, the more accurate the cost estimate, and less time spent contacting you with questions. You should to this for anyone you are going to use for this service.

You can easily drop your media at my office in Irvine, California, near John Wayne Airport.

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Media Duplication

As a video production company, we are by in the media and video duplication business.

Contact us with the details of your duplication project, and we'll send you a quote to produce it, and the timeframe for completion. Simple. 


We duplicate to DVD's, High Definition Blu-ray discs, as well as flash drives.

You can always call or text, but it's best to outline your project in an email to me, so I can easily review your information and contact you with any questions.

Send inquiries to:

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