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Newport Coast Elementary School

Newport Beach, California

The Video Man Productions is proud to present The Newport Coast Elementary School theater production of "High School Musical Jr."  The complete show from March 12, 2020, 6p.m. appears in it's entirety below.

As a result of the measures being taken to social-distance, video sets will be shipped directly to you through USPS First Class mail to your U.S. address, at an additional $5.00 to pay for the shipping and handling. If you have previously purchased a video, please click on that link, and your video will be shipped by the next business day.

However, if you choose to purchase additional copies to the same address, you do not have to pay for the additional shipping.

Scroll down for the payment options

To enjoy easy playback on your television, as well has have a beautiful keepsake to keep or share with others, purchase our media set!

Although streaming is convenient, the most important reason to invest in hard media is there is no guarantee the video will always be available online to view, especially years from now. By purchasing your own media set of the production, you'll have "offline" options under your control, as well as having a keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

Our complete media set includes:

  1. The entire show

  2. DVD standard-definition video disc. - Plays on DVD and Blu-ray players.

  3. BLU-RAY high-definition video disc. - Plays on Blu-ray players only.

  4. USB (THUMB) drive. - Plug into your HDTV or computer for playback.

  5. Custom video case to keep your media together in one place.

  6. USPS First Class mail shipping.

Two purchase options:

  1. $35.00 for the DVD and Blu-Ray Discs Only.

  2. $50.00 for the DVD, Blu-Ray, and USB thumb drive.

California 7.75% sales tax added to all orders except $5.00 add-on shipping.

Venmo payments can only be made from your phone. You can pay with Venmo on your phone app by going to this page on your phone, scroll down to the payment section. Make your "Add to Cart" choices. When ready, click on the 'PayPal Check Out' button. The next screen will give you the option to "Pay With Venmo". Any questions, contact me. - David

Shipping for school-placed orders ($5.00)

(Do not add if purchasing additional videos to the same address).

Open your phone camera app, point at this QR code to direct you to this page.

DVD / Blu-Ray Disc set only        ($35.00)

You can also send a check, along with

this downloadable order form


DVD / Blu-Ray / Flash Drive        ($50.00)

Contact me with any questions.  Call or text: 949-795-1610

Thanks again! - David Bauers

Browse the still photos captured from video! Flash drives will have a folder with all these photos loaded for viewing on your TV screen or computer.


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