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Freelance Video Work

Freelancing is how I started on the road to my professional career in the video business 30 years ago.  As an industry that prides itself in helping each other, I have made many business contacts, and personal friendships over those years.  

I have worked for, and with many videographers and photographers on all sorts of projects - including working camera in the television studio owned by a big insurance company located at the World Trade Center towers, in New York City,  in early 2001.

Although I've resided in Orange County, California since 2002, I've had 13 consecutive years of training and experience in one of the most demanding markets in the country - the New York / New Jersey area. If you're a video or film company that needs an extra team member, give me a call or text.  I travel back east on a regular basis, so contact me to check on my availability for your next project.

My event work includes:

  • Weddings

  • Bar / Bat-Mitzvahs

  • School Graduations, proms, award ceremonies, religious ceremonies.

  • Dance recitals, theater productions, stage shows

  • Corporate functions and events

  • Multi-day convention shoots

  • Interviews, "Reality TV" style videography

  • Still photography

  • Studio camera work

Call or text me to discuss the details of your next project, and how I can help. 

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